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Our key technologies. 

From 30 years of research, development, and a lot of experience in the modification of existing products, innovative technologies have been developed, which are unique in their form.

These enable a significant improvement in music reproduction.

Power Block

This technology is now already in its 3rd generation.
The well thought-out fixing of components allows us to better control the interfering oscillations, thus freeing the signal flow from them.

Revelation Circuit Boards


Tonart circuit boards are equipped with copper tracks 3 times thicker than usual. Layout and material have also been specially developed and carefully tested for first-class audio.

Displacement Board Technology

An elaborate method of mounting boards and components without resonance, specially developed for our Revelation 1 series. By controlling and tuning resonances we are able to develop high-end devices for highest demands.

Banded Teflon Cable


These cables, specially developed for us, are used in all our products. They offer flexibility, but are also extremely stable and temperature resistant.

Reference Toroid Transformer

In elaborate test phases we develop the perfect playing partner for our products.

All Transformers for our Revelation 1 series and the most of Revelation 2 & 3 are then manufactured according to our specifications.

Preamp Modul.png
Poweramp Closeup.png
Revelation Turntable 2.JPG

toneArt technologies


toneArt Energy Routing System

This principle is the heart of our products.

In the toneArt Revelation 1 Turntable you will find the reference of this system. Almost twenty years of research, development and passion are reflected in this high-precision bearing. With manufacturing tolerances of only one micrometers (1/1000mm) we have reached the limits of what is currently possible. This is an effort that is far beyond consumer products!

A composition of six different materials ensures the right function and forms the basis for incomparable Record playback. The oscillation-optimised design ensures unhindered dissipation of the energy released during the pickup process - the ERS principle.

In combination with the well engineered base of the drive, this ensures a reproduction of the recording that could hardly be more real and lively. The bearing of the Revelation Turntables forms the absolute reference and is the most consistent implementation of our "Energy Routing System".

This system is consistently reflected in all other drives and products from our company. You can find it in every device unless to our racks.

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