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What if tone was not just sound and sound was more than
information, encrypted, reduced, compressed, digitalised,
stored in the smallest possible unit, decidered by devices
made for everything and nothng, if music was not a pasttime but a passion, if you cared about the moment,
the creation and the meaning, about the passion of the
artist, his craft, his pain?


What if a tone was a revelation?

25 years ago Franz Stöger turned a passion into a profession. As a trained electronics specialist and band musician, he founded his own Hi-Fi studio "Tonart". Today Tonart is one of the leading studios far beyond Austria's borders.

Soon he began to analyze devices from well-known manufacturers, where there was actually nothing left to improve, and discovered potential for sound enhancement.

From these optimizations, many developments emerged in the background, which can still be found in the devices of well-known manufacturers today.

For several years Franz Stöger has been engaged in the development of various high-end components. Especially the analogue music reproduction plays a major role in this. His passion has resulted in products that are still incomparable today.

In 2014 he was also significantly involved in the development of the Audiodata Master One, which was highly praised by the international trade press after its premiere.


The Tonart Mansion

This old charming mansion is the home of our company. On over 500 m² we present different systems and solutions from many of the leading HiFi and High End manufactors. Of corse it also provides the toneArt Showroom.

Anyhow if you want to take the chance to take a look our Revelation products or you want to buy or update update a music system. You can find all at the mansion.

Everyone hears differently. One loves jazz, the next classical music or rock. The system must suit you, also visually.

From stylish design components to tailor-made home cinema and multi-room systems to the absolute Reverenz Hi-Fi chain. In addition, we always offer the key "All around carefree package".

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