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Revelation 1 Turntable Double

For a perfect reproduction of vinyl records it needs an outstanding record player using the latest technology built with precision and lot of know-how. The Revelation 1 Turntable combines all of these features and therefore provides a distinctive way of listening to records. Around 20 years of research, engineering and special know-how were necessary to compose this device.

The core of this matchless device is the ERS-Reference Bearing. It uncompromisingly combines all features of our Energy-Routing-System and is a combination of parts from six different materials machined with the highest possible precision. Magnets in the bearing take care of the patterns weight and reduce the downforce to the diamond running surface.

An 18-kg platter and two flywheel masses driven by selected high precision DC-Motors provide an absolute smooth and steady run. Monitored by a 3-Way asynchrony sensor system under the patter, the motors are driven by a CPU controlled power unit. The motor controller provides three different user modes. All of them affect the sound and the single parameters for each mode can be changed by using an app. With this tool the user can create his own fine-tuning right from the hearing spot. The composition of the motor controller is the same as the one used for our amplifier products. All key features, except the Powerblock-Technology, are built-in devices.

The Revelation 1 Turntable is also equipped with two tone arm bases. Each of them can be easily adapted to a 9“ and 12“ setup, just by operating an adjustment pin under the base. At the moment bases are available for Linn, SME and of course the TONeART tone arms.

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