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Revelation 1 Tonarm 9"

For a perfect reproduction of vinyl records you need an excellent turntable, built with the latest technology, precision and a lot of know-how. But what would the best player be without a tonearm that is up to this challenge? 


The key to reproducing the information stored in the vinyl record is to handle the forces that occur. Measured against the very small contact surface of the needle, relatively high forces are generated which are transmitted into the system. These resonances can lead to undesirable effects in the tone arm and destroy the sound image in playback. 

In order to prevent this, the energy dissipation in this tonearm has been meticulously adjusted and any disturbing resonances have been eliminated. The transition from the headshell to the armtube has proven to be a particularly bumpy spot. After many attempts we were able to solve the problem by milling

the headshell and the armtube out of one solid piece. Also the horizontal and vertical bearings are resonance optimized high precision bearings. 

All these measures make the toneArt Revelation 1 tonearm the best tonearm ever developed in our company. 

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