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TONeART Produktserien

The absolute reference. Developed to re-experience music.


With its absolute naturale, detailed and stuning lifelike sound shows our state of the art line new dimensions of music reproduction.

To achiev this, we only use the best and accuratest machined parts from Aluminum wich are aspecially made for us. Also all electronic parts are specially choosen and selected.

Only with this arrangements  we can garantie that each Produkt of this series is stunning and a real Highlight.


The entrence into the reference world of High End sound. 

With the Evolution Series we reach an incredible high level by using our Powerblock technology and other reference techniques like the ERS-Technology.

With this line we have a clearly upgrade to the Challenger Series and a perfect bridge to the Revolution Series. 

Evolution - Listen to your music like never before and get in touch with the unknown quality of your music. 


This is the smallest of our lines. The goal of this series is to bring the TONeART experience in everybodys livingroom.

We can handle this by taking the experiance and technologies from the Revolution series and pack this into an easyer form to get an awesome priceperformance for everyone.

CHALLANGE - This is what this is about to do.

It challenges the developers and building departments, but also the competitors.

Seting benchmarks - this is what our Challengers do.


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